Comparing Different IaC Tools for Serverless Deployment : (1)  mimic-serverless-lab

Comparing Different IaC Tools for Serverless Deployment : (1) mimic-serverless-lab

The last CommitConf I presented a laboratory where I deployed the same stack using different infrastructure as code (IaC) tools. The premise was simple: keep the same stack (API gateway, lambda, DynamoDB), clone the repository in each pipeline and deploy to an AWS account with the IaC tools.

Mimic stack (Figure), is a simple set of two lambdas and API gateway and a dynamo.

With the name mimic:

mimic: imitate (someone or their actions or words), especially in order to entertain or ridicule.


How does it work:

💡We can post a body in the endpoint POST/listen, the stack return an ID and with this ID we can retrieve this body in GET/response.

Why is this useful?, Throughout of my years working with serverless, testing or mocking services (endpoint) and ephemeral environment were useful in the development process.

mimic-serverless-lab is a set of pipelines with the same stack (mimic) with Serverless Framework, Pulumi, Terraform, AWS Sam and CDK. The goal is compared the different pipelines with the same stack on AWS.

This link has the repository of code of mimic:


The goal is created a laboratory for test different tools of IaC on the same code o the same stack.

Used this laboratory for POC and test, and write and shared content about serverless on AWS.

Next Steps:

  • Take times of deploy of each deployment and compare

  • Test automatically destroy of resources for all pipelines

  • Build a strategy for test new version of the tools used in this lab

  • Shared the results of test and probes in a website